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Gladiator Athletics

Mission Statement

Our mission is to stimulate the educational, physical, mental and emotional development of our male athletes through applications of integrity, unity, devotion, resilience and pride. With a focus on these principles, we are preparing our young men to become confident, contributing members of their school community and the future global society, beyond the realm of sports and competition.

Gladiator Values

  1. Integrity – the quality of being honest; showing a consistent display of strong moral and ethical values

  2. Unity – the quality of being “one” in purpose, vision and action; in agreement; uniformity of culture

  3. Activeness – engaged in action, work or participation; a state of progress or motion

  4. Devotion – great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective

  5. Pride – a feeling of satisfaction in one’s achievements, accomplishments and/or image

  6. Resilience – the ability to withstand adversity and adjust to and/or bounce back from difficult situations

  7. Responsibility – an obligation to perform a task or fulfill a role; a duty to manage condition or outcome

  8. Accountability – to accept ownership of the outcome of a task, assignment or duty

Gladiator Affirmations

  1. I will exhibit my best effort in all academic and athletic tasks.

  2. I will be a positive representation of myself, my family, my school and this program.

  3. I will support my teammates in every way possible.

  4. I will communicate honestly, respectfully and clearly.

  5. I will trust the pathway to success that my coaches have provided to me.