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COVID 19 Information and Resources:

New Tech Middle School is taking every precaution to keep our school safe during the pandemic!  COVID 19 is being monitored by MISD for numbers of cases in our district on the District dashboard; the District’s Decision Map, which will help decide what to do if you are exposed or test positive, is accessible by clicking HERE

Prescreening Before School:  Parents are to pre-screen their scholars every day before school; parents must not send their scholar to school if they are sick.  

Ask: Are you feeling any of the symptoms here in a way that’s new for you?

            Fever of 100°F  Nausea or vomiting;     Muscle or body aches

                        Diarrhea;            Headache;             Fatigue;  

        Nausea or vomiting; New loss of taste/smell      Nasal congestion

           Shortness of breath;    Fatigue;            New cough

If so, scholars should STAY HOME; contact their teacher to let them know; isolate themselves and contact their primary care provider    ·       

Seek emergency medical care for: 

❖ Trouble breathing 

❖ Persistent pain or pressure in the chest 

❖ New confusion 

❖ Inability to wake or stay awake 

❖ Bluish lips or face, but always call a medical provider for severe or concerning        symptoms



We’ll be: 

Social Distancing  Floor markings and furniture placed in special ways will remind us all to stay SIX FEET APART from anyone else at all times

Using Plexiglass Shield/Sneeze Guards  Plexiglass shields will be placed on tables areas where it is difficult for scholars to maintain social distancing

Wear Masks and Face Shields  Masks, not handkerchiefs or gaiters, will be acceptable at school, and the school will provide face shields to each person.

The only time these should be removed is while eating or outside in certain P.E./athletic activities; ask your P.E./athletics staff for more information.  See the best way to put on/take off masks below.

Performing Hand Hygiene, by washing hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available will be practiced by scholars and staff alike; see below for more information

Cleaning and Disinfecting: Scholars will be helping disinfect their learning area by helping wipe it down with paper towels and a non-toxic cleaner 


Helpful Resources: 

  • Performing ‘Hand Hygiene’  Learn how to wash your hands by clicking HEREHand sanitizer use is suitable alternative to hand-washing if hands not visibly soiled; should be at least 60% alcohol by content. Use by rubbing sanitizer all over hands, apply between fingers and on the backs of hands and allow hands to air-dry after use
  • Putting on/taking off your face mask.  Wash hands then put mask over nose and mouth, securing under chin; fit it snugly against the sides of your face.  To remove, To remove, use only the ties or ear loops and fold the outside corners inward so the outside of the mask is folded inside itself.  Wash reusable masks in hot water and dry in a hot dryer.
  • Performing correct cough etiquette.  When wearing a mask and needing to cough, cough into the bend of your arm. Replace the mask you were wearing with a new mask as soon as possible.  When not wearing a mask, such as while outside or during a meal, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing; use the nearest waste receptacle to dispose of the tissue after use; perform hand hygiene (e.g., hand washing with non-antimicrobial soap and water, alcohol-based hand rub, or antiseptic handwash) after having contact with respiratory secretions and contaminated objects/materials